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Why Row With RCC?


Cardiovascular health, strength, endurance and flexibility – competitive rowing is a full-body workout that places intense aerobic and anaerobic demands on an athlete

Teamwork – on and off the water, rowers must work together for the team’s success; a winning boat requires unison of timing, positioning and mindset

Camaraderie – the shared experience of pushing themselves to their limits before and during competition creates bonds between rowers that last well after high school


Values – rowers will develop many important personal traits including trust, dedication, willpower, selflessness, and determination

Concentration – rowers must “keep their heads in the boat” at all times and be mentally prepared to repeat hundreds of perfect strokes to win a race

Responsibility – young rowers are responsible for preparing boats before races and workouts, the safety of rowers and boats on the water, and caring for boats and equipment off the water

Leadership – every young rower has a chance to develop leadership skills whether they are rowing in a boat, leading a conditioning session, caring for equipment, or organizing club activities

Lifelong health habits and friendships - Unlike many scholastic sports, rowers can continue to enjoy the physical and social benefits of rowing well into adulthood.


Row For College

Title IX scholarships are available for women rowers

Nationally, there are 145 women’s collegiate rowing teams in NCAA I – III schools

Many top schools have rowing teams or clubs for both women and men

The personal characteristics of a successful youth rower are widely recognized and valued by college entrance officials.


River City Crew Have Rowed At:UVA, Va. Tech, JMU, University of Richmond, VCU, Georgetown, Brown, Dartmouth, Mt. Holyoke, Hamilton, James Madison, William & Mary, George Mason, Mary Washington, Old Dominion, Navy, Lehigh, FIT and others

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