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EVSRA Championship Regatta

Tom O'Rourke  | Published on 5/28/2019
On April 27th RCC traveled to Norfolk, Va. to compete in the EVSRA Championship Regatta. RCC put 13 boats on the water. All RCC boats that had heats and finals made it to the finals. RCC finished with four 1sts (M2x, MV4+, M2nd4+ & WLt4+), four 2nds (M1x, WV4+, W2nd4+ & WN4+), two 3rds (MLt4+ & W2x) and a 4th (MJr4+). Our WN8+ finished 3rd but was disqualified, while backing out to avoid other boats, for impeding another boat that was 90 sec. behind.
Great job again RCC!